Slip Rabbit is a fully equipped, RESEARCH and EDUCATION oriented DIGITAL CERAMICS STUDIO in North Seattle. We have been forging collaborative relationships with various programs at the University of Washington and with designers, architects, ceramists and ceramics studios in the greater Seattle area, across the USA, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands. The idea of Slip Rabbit started in 2016, during an artist residency at the Sundaymorning@EKWC, aiming our mission half-way between a teaching/learning facility and a regional clay-specific makerspace. Since the summer of 2017, Slip Rabbit has been opening its doors to interns, collaborators and “fellow travelers”, and training a new generation of designers, artists, technocrafters and ceramists.

The first part of our mission is to create a common ground, as we seek collaborations with mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists, architects and designers. We see digital technology as not only the creation but also as a reflection of the embodied human mind. The ceramic 3D printing process encompasses both abstraction and the very tangible reality. Negotiating between code and clay, printing offers exciting opportunities for both artists and non-artists alike.


Slip Rabbit offers a variety of ways to get involved with exciting new research at the intersections of digital technology and ceramics. We offer internships year-round, as well as proposal-based research residencies and creative collaborations.

In its most compelling form, digital ceramics is collaborative and mindful of the clay tradition while being forward thinking, innovative and empowering.

The second part of our mission is to involve, support and mentor new practitioners, with particular attention to women, first generation college students and individuals from underrepresented groups. During our Semi-annual Open Studio events, we reach out to a wide range of audiences, hold process demonstrations, discuss our current projects and invite various practitioners to share their work.

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Slip Rabbit values ingenuity, craftsmanship, insight and cooperation in every form. We believe that everyone is a maker and that the entry points to making come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Our mission is to widen the entry and to give more individuals access to finding and expressing their own creativity through making. The digital ceramics learning curve may seem steep but getting acquainted with it is easy and simple for any beginner and building fluency with it is a very rewarding process. We believe that clay printing builds onto and expands the range of the ceramic tradition. Slip Rabbit strives to promote a thriving dialogue around both the tool and methodology as we explore and develop its potential.

Current Projects

Slip Rabbit operates on the model of interdisciplinary collaboration and open-source inquiry and invites proposals for creating, exploring, discovering, tinkering, and sharing. 

Several awards and recognitions support our work: 2017 Tech Specific grant by 4Culture & 2018 Neddy Award.

Slip Rabbit is a member of Women in 3D Printing and NCECA.