Slip Rabbit is a fully equipped, digitally capable, nonprofit ceramics studio in North Seattle. We have been forging collaborative relationships with various programs at the University of Washington and with ceramists and ceramics studios in Seattle and in the Netherlands. The idea of Slip Rabbit started in 2016, during an artist residency at the Sundaymorning@EKWC (formerly European Ceramic Workcentre), aiming our mission half-way between a teaching/learning facility and a regional makerspace. Since the summer of 2017, Slip Rabbit has been opening its doors to interns and collaborators, and training a new generation of designers, artists and ceramists.


Slip Rabbit offers a variety of ways to get involved with exciting new research at the intersections of digital technology and ceramics. 

Slip Rabbit operates on the model of interdisciplinary collaboration and open-source inquiry and invites proposals for creating, exploring, discovering, tinkering, and sharing. 

Current Projects

In 2017, we were the recipient of a Tech Specific grant by 4Culture, which added the ceramic 3D printer to our studio equipment. Slip Rabbit values ingenuity, craftsmanship, insight, and cooperation in every form. We strive to provide access to both professionals and nonprofessionals alike by bringing art, design, math, engineering, computer science, and STEAM education together in the creation of new ideas and new forms.