Holiday cheer at Slip Rabbit

The end of the year sneaked up on us. How did we find out? For several weeks now, our studio snack table has been overflowing with cups, each made at the end of printing of the day's worth of work to use up the leftover porcelain in the tube. We love these cups and have amassed a good number of them since the Open House! Their eclectic designs journal the history of our research ideas and the cups themselves also represent each and every wonderful hand that has worked on it, designing, printing, cleaning or painting, and each and every amazing Slip Rabbit intern who has come through the studio.

In addition, and because our team can never-never-ever throw anything away (not even the coil that comes out at priming the printer), printing and clay failures were transformed into jewelry by Timea. 

We opened the studio on this past Saturday for a last minute holiday sale. Here are a few pix from that: