Founder and Director

Timea Tihanyi

Timea is an interdisciplinary artist and educator who has been working with ceramics for over 20 years. Timea moves flexibly between traditional and technologically aided processes. She is intrigued by a wide-range of ideas from art to figuring out how things work and can be made sense of in mathematics, neuroscience, or philosophy. Timea's projects range from sculpture to multimedia and participatory installations. She is a Senior Lecturer in the School of art + Art History + Design at the University of Washington and the Interim Chair of the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Program.

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Artist/Designer in Residence


Audrey Desjardins

Audrey Desjardins is an assistant professor of Interaction Design at the UW Seattle. Trained as an industrial designer and interaction design researcher, she uses design as a way to critically reflect on people’s creative tactics to make, adapt, and transform their homes and to investigate potential futures in domestic spaces. Her work results in new methodological frameworks and design guidelines to inform the design of interactive artifacts that are more appropriate and nuanced to fit in people’s homes.

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Research Collaborators


Prof. Sara Billey

Sara is a Professor of Mathematics and a John Rainwater Faculty Fellow at the University of Washington and an active member of the Association for Women in Mathematics. Sara’s research is in algebraic combinatorics and she is a strong advocate of using computers to do math research. Sara is working with us on devising, coding, and implementing various rule-driven algorithmic pattern generation processes in both 2D and 3D.

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Matthew Conroy

Matt has been a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Washington, Seattle since 2001. He is interested in the application of mathematics to the generation of visual and sound art forms. His student group, Number Theory and Noise, has been part of the WXML (Washington Experimental Math Lab) since 2016, investigating the representation of integer sequences as sound.

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Current Interns

We will be introducing our fall 2018 soon.

Graphic Designer in Residence


Eli Kahn

Eli is the designer of the Slip Rabbit logo. Eli studies Visual Communication Design at the University of Washington, where he also works with the Jacob Lawrence Gallery in the SOA+AH+D on publication design.

Eli is helping us with visual production for the upcoming Slip Rabbit 3D printing "cookbook," Connected Processes: Tactile Patterns in Art and Math.

Past Interns


Alison Gray

Alison is a junior at the University of Washington studying Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE). She has had a lifelong passion for art, especially ceramics, and plans to pursue a career in UX Design. In her free time, Alison likes to cook and garden, and is a DJ at Rainy Dawg Radio.

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Zeray Admasu

Zeray is a fresh graduate of UW Mechanical Engineering. Zeray is interested in the manufacturing, engineering and user applications of 3D printers in various disciplines, including art. In Zeray's words: "I joined Slip Rabbit to learn from people around me, to further expand the knowledge I have, and to offer my own experience from different engineering projects."

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Caroline Slick

Caroline is a senior at the University of Washington studying Industrial Design. She hopes to expand her skills in her final year of school and create meaningful products and experiences that help people live a better life. Slip Rabbit has provided her a place to explore the new possibilities of technology through 3D printing and CAD modeling, while experimenting with form. When she's not working at Slip Rabbit or her other design internship, Caroline likes to hike, sketch, work on design projects and travel with friends.

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Eli Kahn

Eli Kahn is driven by curiosity and his desire to create. Eli is a Junior in VCD at the UW but he also finds Industrial Design fascinating—part of his reasoning for interning with Slip Rabbit. Outside of design, he holds interest in distance running and cooking. He is currently figuring out his place in the world with an identity of both an artist and designer, and whether or not he can’t just be both.

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Daria Micovic

Daria is a senior at the University of Washington studying mathematics. She is involved with the Washington Experimental Math Lab (WXML), currently searching for patterns with respect to algebraic curves. She is interested in visual and tactile representations of mathematical objects as a means of understanding them. Daria has been on our team for two quarters.

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Pooja Krishnan

Pooja is a junior at the University of Washington studying mathematics and sculpture. As a student studying both art and math, she is intrigued by the connections between the two disciplines, and how they complement each other. In her free time, Pooja enjoys working on her art, teaching yoga, and spending time with her two dogs.


Soham Ghose

Soham is currently a sophomore with a double major in Math and Econ and a minor in informatics at the University of Washington.

In his free time, Soham loves playing soccer and listening to music from the 90s. He plans to pursue a career in actuarial sciences.

See Soham's GrabCAD projects


Annabelle Wu

Annabelle, spending her her second quarter with Slip Rabbit, is a recent BDes graduate of the UW Industrial Design Program. Annabelle was chosen in 2016 as a competition finalist for the Rometti Award, which earned her a two week intensive with the company, designing and producing a ceramic prototype for the Rometti line. Annabelle's wizardry makes the Rhino design environment seem like the funnest thing in the universe.

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Frida Saucedo

Frida is a senior at the University of Washington, studying Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and minoring DXARTS. She's interested in exploring ideas related to dreams and bases her artwork on shapes and patters of nature. She combines traditional art with new media art to create meaningful experiences.

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Huiqing Wang

Huiqing earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Art at University of Washington, Seattle in 2017 and spent two quarters with Slip Rabbit as an intern. As a dedicated artist with the focus on interdisciplinary art and ceramics, Huiqing values craftsmanship and materials. Her figurative sculptures reveal the sophistication and simplicity of being human and her understanding of clay as the most accessible medium for honing character and temperament as well as training physical and perceptive ability.

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Yi-Chun Sun

Yi-Chun (Kate) is a recent Interdisciplinary Visual Art and Psychology graduate from the University of Washington. Kate centers her art practice around topics such as self-identity and environmental issues while incorporating materials that hold personal meanings. Besides making art, Yi-Chun is also interested in museum studies. She did a summer internship at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan in 2016.

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Ryan Gilmore

Ryan is an upcoming senior in the University of Washington Industrial Design Program. Ryan is interested in working with new technologies and exploring design application across many different industries. He also does photography, makes music in his free time, and loves traveling to new exciting places.

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Jay Jiewen Luo

Jay is a UX designer and a recent graduate of UW HCDE. He believes that a designer’s skill set should not be limited by his/her title. Jay has worked with NASA JPL, UW Department of Statistics, and OTVcloud on various design projects. Currently, he is building an auto-following drone using Arduino.

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