Potterbot 7 ceramic 3D printer

Potterbot 7 ceramic 3D printer


Slip Rabbit is a fully equipped ceramics studio for both innovative digital processes and traditional methods of production. The studio uses several ceramic 3D printers, as well as mold-making and slip casting and unique glazing techniques.

Studio Equipment:

Potterbot 7 ceramic 3D printer

Delta WASP 40100 ceramic 3D printer

Slip mixer

Spray booth for glazing and airbrushing

Mold making and slip casting station

Scutt Automatic Kiln, cone 10

Duncan Ceramic Kiln, cone 2

Watch the printing process of our ListeningCups using our Potterbot7 ceramic printer. Copyright: Slip Rabbit Studio 2018.

See our WASP40100 ceramic 3D printer in action. Copyright Slip Rabbit Studio 2019.