Undergraduate or graduate internships are available in areas of digital modelling, computing, 3D printing, and studio support, and in communication and public outreach.
Interns are assisting with the design, development, and production of sculptural 3D printed forms for creative research. 
Educational benefits include hands-on experience with sculptural/3D design, form development, prototyping and production (3D printing with clay). Slip Rabbit interns also gain a broader understanding of the ceramic process: materials, mold making, slip casting, and firing. 
This internship is also a great portfolio building opportunity for a student with an eye on careers in design, engineering, architecture, STEAM education, and visual art. 

Research Residencies

Project driven research residencies in digital ceramics are available for emerging artists, designers, engineers, scientists and other professionals with the goal of exploring various sculptural, mathematical, architectural, and engineering possibilities of 3D printing with clay. 
Projects are documented through the studio for educational purposes and may be shared in order to facilitate exploration and discovery. 
Residencies are awarded by invitation of selected research proposals. Priority is given to interdisciplinary projects. 
Selected participants will receive a subsidized rate of $10/hour access to studio equipment (for up to 6 hours/week), consultation time with the director, and access to the Slip Rabbit technical library and research archives.  

Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations are a great way to get involved with the current research direction of Slip Rabbit. We are currently looking for innovative ideas that involve modular and periodic structures, representing objects of axiomatic geometry, higher dimensional geometry, or topology. 
If you have an idea, a digital model or a visual product, contact us for getting the discussion started.

Often, the ceramic material will have a “will of its own,” turning the making process into an exciting inquiry into a play of possibilities, beautiful “errors,” and serendipitous discoveries. 
As a collaborator, you are encouraged to be as much part of the hands-on making and exploration as your time allows, while the specialized ceramics equipment will be handled by the studio director and the Slip Rabbit interns. 

Studio equipment may also be rented for occasional projects, such as cone 6 firings and 3D printing with porcelain.

The studio can also cater to small-edition projects. Sliding rates $25-100/hour. Contact us for an estimate. 

Affordable Rental and Production Rates