Intro to Ceramic 3D Printing Weekends


Intro to Ceramic 3D Printing Weekends

from 450.00

One-day (6 hours) on Saturday, 10am to 4:00pm and two-day workshops (12 hours) on both Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4:00pm.

Personalized instruction at Beginner and Intermediate levels. 

One day workshop: $450 + TAX. A vegetarian lunch and snacks throughout the day are included. 

Two-day workshop: $900 + TAX. A vegetarian lunch and snacks throughout the day are included. 

Please email to confirm date before registering. During the academic year we don’t list regularly scheduled dates.

Workshop content: 

Intro to the Rhino design environment, nuts and bolts of making solid models for 3D printing. 

Form development and structural issues for printable ceramic designs.

Slicer basics. Slicing and trouble-shooting an STL file for printing. 

Clay preparation. Printer set-up and printer operation basics. 

The two-day workshop also includes:

Ample printing and experimentation time. Ceramic hand-building with 3D printed components. Trimming, finishing and getting your work ready for firing. Clay preparation. Advanced printer operation and maintenance basics. 

Select number of successful pieces are bisque fired and can be picked up in 2weeks. 

Standard glazing and high-firing are an additional fee ($20-50), depending on number, size and complexity. (Please also add “Additional Glazing and High-Firing” to your cart before checking out. ) 

Turn around time for glaze firing can vary depending on how busy the kilns get but your cup will be available for pick-up within 4 weeks. 

All workshops are private lessons with ceramic artist and UW Art faculty, Timea Tihanyi. 

Workshop participants must be at least 18 years.  

Slip Rabbit uses cone 6 Grolleg porcelain exclusively. 

Standard glazing options use one solid color. Choose from our white, clear, dove gray or light blue glazes. 

If you wish to learn about the painterly and colorful surface treatments that are the trademark of our studio, please sign up for one of the Painterly World of Pigments Workshop workshops. All of our glazes and surface treatments when fired are food-safe, microwave and dishwasher safe. 

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