Bring Your Own File Friday 5-9 PM


Bring Your Own File Friday 5-9 PM


2 to 4 Hours, on Friday evenings. 5-9 PM. Workshop time estimate is based on project scale and design complexity.

Please email the studio to select your preferred date. During the academic year we don’t list regularly scheduled dates.Intermediate level. 

$150 + TAX for the first two hours, which includes consultation and set up time.

Each additional hour of printing time is $50 + TAX, which will be charged at the studio.

This workshop is designed to give an opportunity to those with 3D design and 3D printing experience to create with the use of a ceramic printer. 

Participants is asked to bring their CLOSED SOLID model in STL, OBJ or 3DM file formats. 

Workshop includes:  design feasibility consultation, slicing and setting up for printer, as well as printing time. This workshop does not include lesson on printer operation, design work or fixing of broken meshes. 

Finished piece is bisque fired and can be picked up in 2weeks. 

Standard glazing and high-firing are an additional fee ($20-50), depending on size and complexity. (Please also add “Additional Glazing and High-Firing” to your cart before checking out. ) Turn around time for glaze firing can vary depending on how busy the kilns get but your cup will be available for pick-up within 4 weeks. 

All workshops are private lessons with ceramic artist and UW Art faculty, Timea Tihanyi. 

Workshop participants must be at least 18 years.  

Slip Rabbit uses cone 6 Grolleg porcelain exclusively. 

Standard glazing options use one solid color. Choose from our white, clear, dove gray or light blue glazes.

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