Additional Glazing and High-Firing


Additional Glazing and High-Firing

from 20.00

Standard glazing and high-firing can be added to

  • MYOC (Make Your Own Cup Thursday 7-9 PM) for $20/cup. Please choose “one size” option.

  • BYOF (Bring Your Own File Friday 5-9 PM) for $20-50. Please choose S/M/L option.

  • IC3DP (Intro to Ceramic 3D Printing Weekends) for $20-50. Please choose S/M/L option.

  • CYOW (Create Your Own Workshop Open Schedule) for $50-200. Please choose S/M/L option.

Pricing is depending on size and complexity.

Turn around time for glaze firing can vary depending on how busy the kilns get but your cup will be available for pick-up within 4 weeks. 

Standard glazing options use one solid color. Choose from our white, clear, dove gray or light blue glazes. 

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