Spring is here!!!

We had a challenging winter with many snow days. A sudden change of weather brought weeks of warm and beautiful sunny days in March, refreshing our soul. Timea has been doing a lot of travel for speaking and doing demonstrations and workshops at various colleges and national and international conferences and ceramic events, including representing the USA at the Intercontinental Ceramics Project in Valencia, Spain, at NCECA FabLab in Minneapolis, as well as doing joint talks about the collaboration with math professor Sara Billey at the UW annual Math Day and the Math Hour.

We are saying good bye to the winter Slip Rabbit interns, Erica, Kayla, Veloria and Xun and to the WXML math team, James, Catherine and Eli. In these past three months, we have accomplished a lot in many areas, from machine hardware experiments to finishing a new project. This project, which grew out of Timea’s Universal Potter concept and the ListeningCups, uses a “pathfinder” code in Python (made with the great help of former intern Daria Micovic) for creating a woven texture based on sound data information.

The math research was also an example of an exciting collaboration between disciplines. Often times we would found that questions arising from the art process were giving direction of the math and driving that forward. We have generated many possibilities but only had time to print a few possible versions so far. Many more to come in the next months!

We have two beautiful project videos by Rollofall now online:

ListeningCups features Timea’s collaboration about sound data-tactilty, data-stories/data-fictions with interaction designer Audrey Desjardens.

Ringató (Cradled) is a technohaptic project by Timea, highly popular and much loved during our Studio Open House events.

Speaking of Open Studio: We are announcing the date of our next semiannual event:

Save the date!

The Spring Slip Rabbit Open Studio is Saturday, May 11th, 3-5pm.