Snapshots from Spring Open House and So Long Interns

Thanks for all of you who came out to support Slip Rabbit and to see what we do. We were excited to welcome so many new friends and potential collaborators too!

Yesterday's Slip Rabbit Spring Open House was terrific. We all had so much fun and lots of exciting conversations. At first though, our Potterbot had a bit of performance anxiety and did not want to print the large and wacky piece we selected for the demo (and refused to do anything until 2 minutes before people started arriving!!!). We got around its reluctance at the end by loading a smaller file and everything was working just fine for the rest of the afternoon. Sighhh....

I'm so proud of my winter quarter interns, Annabelle, Daria, and Fryda, who were holding down the studio and not just during the Open House. These amazing young women are smart and talented designers, scientists, and artists whom I can always rely on for hard work, smart conversations, and good cheer. 

We've accomplished so much this past months and looking forward to the spring with more ideas and more things to try.

We will open the studio again for a Mother's Day Studio sale on Sunday, April 29th.