Spring Updates: Studio Sale, New Interns + New Collaborations

The beginning of spring brought the usual temperamental April weather to Seattle. We had our fair share of storms, hot summery days, and seemingly endless rains. The garden in front of our studio is thriving though and bathing us in a cavalcade of scents, colors, and other miracles of nature. 

It’s been so busy in and outside of the studio that I could hardly keep up with documentation here on our blog. 

Timea was invited as a visiting artist to the Glass Museum in Tacoma, where she experimented with various innovative and experimental technical solutions for combining blown glass and 3D printed porcelain. She is the first to pursue such direction at the Museum of Glass, and as far as we could find out, anywhere in the world.

Our two new interns, Pooja and Soham have been settling in and learning a lot about the ceramic process with 3D printing. Both have a background in math and will also be working with Daria, who is a returning intern at Slip Rabbit and a graduating senior in math at the UW. 

We are programming! It takes a village but the process is so much fun and very different from the usual digital 3D construction process. Using some mathematical ideas, we are pursuing unique self-generating patterns that are still based on rules but have more opportunities for chance and randomness. We are grateful to our wonderful collaborators, consultants, and fellow tinkerers who are with us along the way, be that with math questions, programming, server upgrades, or connections to expand into new research ideas. We have a lot on our plate and our minds as we are thinking about next year and beyond. 

Lastly, time has come to parse through our research reference archives and make room on our shelves for new work to come. On Sunday, April 29th, we are opening our doors for a Studio Spring-Clean Sale, 3-6pm.