Visitors, Field Trips, and New Research Paths

Slip Rabbit is receiving a number of inquiries in these past months. We've been hearing from many of you in tech, math, research, education, and maker communities near and far. We are honored to be asked, deeply enjoying the dialogue, and very excited about all these newly forming partnerships. Please keep them coming!

The last look at our studio blackboard (the ever-changing platform of our research notes and an ephemeral sort-of-archive of all our brainstorming sessions) noted no less than SIX project directions, many of them will probably last us for years. 

This month, we are welcoming Matt Conroy of UW Math, who has done animation work with cellular automata (CA) and Seth Friedman, who is a physicists and an expert on various 3D scanning and manufacturing methods for medical practice. Both Matt and Seth also have an active art practice. Interestingly, many new techniques in medical practice are quite similar to those used in our studio. To demonstrate, we printed a scan of a set of teeth generously shared by Dr. Lemke of our neighborhood Dental Clinic.

Our most recent connection is with ASKXXI: Arts + Science Knowledge Building and Sharing in the XXI Century, a pioneering exchange program fostering US-Chile cooperation and collaboration in the arts, emerging technologies and the ecological sciences. A group of students and scientists from Chile will visit us in June to learn about printing with clay. 

Slip Rabbit is currently seeking grant support and sponsorship that will allow us to expand into working with megatronics and other sensor based software systems. Timea took a Sense/Stage workshop with Jonathan Reus. This week, we visited the offices of Motion Workshop and got a great demo of the Shadow MoCap system from Luke and Eric.